Body Services

At Epic Day Spa, we offer specialists at many skill levels in order to best suit your expectations. Pricing is based on a level system, determined in accordance to education, experience, skill level, and client demand.


 Please call to book body services over the phone.

Sanctuary is included at no cost for all body treatments ($20 Value) ; we ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to any body treatment service.

Body Glow $102+

Performed with our Vichy Shower (plastic table with 7 shower heads)
Our seasonal exfoliating body scrub will remove all dead skin cells, open pores, and invigorate your lymphatic system. A rinse with our luxurious vischy shower is followed by a delectable seasonal body butter designed to refresh your natural glow. This treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and comfortable in your own skin (45 minutes)

Enhanced Body Glow $128+

Body Glow (see above service) enhanced with our seasonal mud mask or toning treatment.

Aloe Vera Detox Wrap  $123+

Performed in a Dry Room
After you rinse off in our spacious rainfall showers with the provided Aloe Vera Body Wash to prepare your skin for this treatment, cotton cloth strips that have been soaked and heated in the all-natural solution, made of only Aloe Vera and herbs, are wrapped around the body in a mummy style wrapping. Aloe is very good for the skin and helps absorb the herbs that are in the solution. We put the wraps on very warm so the pores will open, allowing the solution to be absorbed faster.

You will lounge comfortably in the wrap for 45 minutes, covered with a blanket to stay warm, but you should not perspire. During that time, you will be very relaxed and comfortable and are welcome to add on a hand, scalp or foot massage, as a licensed massage therapist will be performing the service. After the wrap, you will feel fresh and thin and your skin will be clean and smoothed. You will feel more toned and tightened; it is important that you drink about a gallon of water in the 24 hours after your wrap treatment, as this will help your body flush the toxins out that are being released by your cells.

Not like in a water loss or dehydrating body wrap, you will feel even better a day after your wrap as you continue to drink water. The absorbed solution can stay for three days. If you continue to drink 3-4 liters of water, your body will continue to flush out these toxins.
Series: Buy 5, get 1 Free. $600 ($720 value).

Measurements will be taken at first visit.

Hydrotherapy Tub $38

Performed in our Hydro-room
Let your body submerge in our therapeutic soak, as even treatment zones and multi-head air injectors are strategically positioned below the water line ensuring a total all-over hydromassage, leading to higher levels of wellness and relaxation. Adjust the lighting to fit your mood and enjoy! (20 minutes)

Add the hydrotherapy tub before any massage and receive the service for only $25 ($12 savings).

Epic Tip: Why don’t you make a day of it? Relax with any massage add-on, rejuvenate your skin with any of our signature facial treatments, and beautify with any of our salon services. You will be glowing from head to toe.