Kathi is a level 2 Massage Therapist at Epic.

Originally from Yakima, Washington, Kathi graduated from Oregon School of Massage in 2016, and has lived in Corvallis for 15 years. She believes the human body is a wonderfully complex life force, that each person is unique, and that we are all vulnerable to the stresses of living in the present world.  Kathi is passionate about her ability to help relieve the effects of stress upon the musculoskeletal system. She combines traditional Swedish massage with Shiatsu,Thai and reflexology techniques.

Kathi also works with people going through cancer treatment and their caregivers. She is certified in Mothertouch prenatal bodywork & trained in myofascial trigger point therapy, tension headache treatment, hot stone massage, foot and hand reflexology, and hydrotherapy.

Kathi is very distantly related to King Henry VIII and her mother’s paternal family owns a castle in England! Outside of massage, Kathi enjoys gardening Tai Chi, and spending time with her family & friends. She has 3 dogs and a Cat, and has been in the healthcare and/or Massage industry for over 40 years!

Kathi loves interacting with her guests to develop a relationship with them, and she especially enjoys the low-stress environment at Epic. Her goal with each guest is to provide a peaceful, safe environment for support and assistance in stress reduction and pain relief using techniques that fit each individual.  She is always learning new modalities of massage, and loves meeting new guests!