Acne Clinic

Consultation & Testing $50

During your consultation appointment we will examine your skin, explain how the Face Reality program for clearing acne works, send you home with information about the expectations if you wish to begin the program, the process to achieve clear skin, how acne relates to your diet and lifestyle. We will also test your skin for sensitivity to the Face Reality products.

Consultation & Testing + First Treatment $142

You may chose to schedule your first treatment and consultation in the same appointment in order to reduce the cost of consultation & testing. Clients should anticipate purchasing between $140-160 in home care products at this first visit. Staying ahead of the development of new acne requires that home care be used exactly as directed and that the strength of the products be increased as soon as your skin is ready for them. 


Follow-up treatments are required every two weeks. Each treatment includes exfoliation, extractions, anti-inflammatory and soothing techniques, home care review and additional education for maintaining a clear complexion.

Results and the time it takes to achieve clear skin are dependent upon each clients dedication to following the Face Reality program. Although, Clients who are compliant with product use and lifestyle changes will see improvement within weeks.