Chamneang, who is known to all as “Pik”, is a new and welcome addition to our family. Pik specializes in the Eastern techniques of Thai and Shiatsu massage. She is also trained and is very proficient in Relaxation, Therapeutic and Hot Stone massage. She has a healing touch, calm & peaceful manner and brings centuries of tradition to her practice.

Pik learned her advanced techniques in Thailand where she studied under a Traditional Thai Master in Chiang Mai at the Wat Po School of Massage. Pik is also a graduate of the Oregon School of Massage and has been licensed in Oregon since April 2017.

Your comfort, well-being and peace of mind are her first priorities, so be sure to let her know what your body needs and what you like. Though she is small in stature, she has a big heart and very strong hands. She can work deep enough to bring tears to a logger or gentle enough to calm even the most stressed out executive.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of a traditional Thai or Shiatsu massage, it combines the techniques of acupressure and yoga stretches. This massage is especially recommended for athletes or any who has strenuous daily activities.

So lay back, take a deep breath, you’re in for a wonderful experience.

Peace and blessings.